GETE: The game of chess is a test of the mind.
Practical things from the chessboard can be applied in life, because similar laws prevail. Chess is a fair game because there are no lies and deceptions in it. He who knows how to plan in chess, he will be able to plan in life, he who knows how to allocate time and resources in chess, he will be able to allocate time and resources in life as well. There is no risk-free win in chess, and there is no risk-free success in life.
The famous Hungarian chess player, Grandmaster Lajos PORTISH said: Chess is the most beautiful gift to people!
That is why we at TABOO SPORT have decided to make a new product intended for a wide population of different ages. The board measures 140x200mm, and has a chessboard measuring 120x120mm. On the other side of the board is an illustration of another favorite board game - Mica. Both sides of the board are magnetic. The pieces are magnetic and that is why it is possible to play chess on this board in any occasion and position. There are a total of 32 figures + 2 pions for the Mice game. The board with the figures is packed in an eco-leather case.
It is possible to personalize the board according to the customer's request.
Price: 3600 dinars.