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About Us

Taboosport is a company that professionally deals with the creation of visual and practical solutions in the field of sports, production of sports equipment and accessories for all sports. In an effort to create the best product and provide more, we work hard to meet all the requirements of our clients, following sports fashion trends in creating modern design solutions, as well as all the latest technical and technological achievements, using the highest quality materials from which our products are made.
Since its inception, Taboosport has stood out, above all, with good design and visual solutions in the field of sports. The great inspiration has always been the ball. That harmony that makes a perfect geometric body is an inexhaustible source of ideas and hopes.
In order to always have satisfied customers, we give priority to their individual wishes and needs. Extensive experience in communication, skills of understanding needs and tracking emotions, enable us to use our knowledge of the work we do, to provide the client with the best, what will make him happy, and to use our product as a favorite tool or amulet.
We bring a lot of love, knowledge and experience into our work. That is why our products are something special.

TABOOSPORT produces coaching tactical boards for all sports, pre-game magnetic boards for basketball and football referees, sets of indicators and signals for assistant referees, folders, bags and notebooks for coaches of all sports. In addition, TABOOSPORT provides graphic design services (conceptual solutions for coats of arms, logos, mascots, design of jerseys and equipment, complete visual identity…), web design services, web application development, sports marketing, organization of sports events...

We can meet all customer requirements for any sport. It is easy for us because we enjoy what we do and it is a great pleasure for us to have happy and satisfied clients.
The special charm of this after ours is that we cooperate with athletes and we know how to create a tool that in the hands of a good expert contributes to a large number of victories, sports… but also life.
By the way, our products have reached all European countries, but also almost all continents.
How? First of all, thanks to the quality of our products and good recommendations.
We can deliver our products to all destinations in the world in a very short time and with correct delivery prices.